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Pick a name for Gunnar 

13 deviants said Quilldingo
7 deviants said Poison Dart Dogs (idk like poison dart frogs)
6 deviants said Porcunine (omg so good at names)
4 deviants said COMMENT A BETTER NAME
I'm sorry that I haven't been the most active of deviants, i wish i was. I just really don't have time to work on art.. well, anything major anyway. I still doodle and do studies when i have the time. I've improved on a lot of things, even if i have nothing to show for it. I still hope to finish things with the free time that i have though, albeit it may take me a while. 

I'm currently working 2 jobs. One of them was one and off, and left me without work for weeks on end, but I've recently been asked to come in more and I am basically working most days of the week now. They plan on setting me on full time i think, that's what i've heard anyway. 

I also still work behind the bar, a few hours on odd nights, weekends mostly too (but i am off tonight lol i've not had a free saturday night in years) and a lot of the time those nights are on days that i work the other job, so i'm working mornings and evenings on those days wehh. That often leaves me tired as fuck and demotivated, i literally just want to sleep and do nothing, or watch youtube vids and play games - things that don't require a lot of effort or time, which i feel like i need when working on anything that is worthy of uploading here. 

Anyway, as depressing as this lifestyle is for me, i feel like i need to do it, at least until i have sufficient funds to fall back on. I'm not good with money, as soon as i get it I spend it on myself. Pokemon cards, nerd merch, commissions etc. ESO is sub free now so that is good. My car saps most of my bank account still, unfortunately. I wish i lived in a town or city where there is public transport, then i would never use a car, ever. 

BUT, the plan for me is to go back to college for a better degree in illustration and concept art, and eventually go to university. I could go now, because i have the degree, but i want a better one where i devote my time too. I couldn't do that last time cause i was working. (i am the only child that wanted to pursue art, so no one really understood that it needed all of my time) And because i am over 19 i would need to pay. I need to look more into it, i'm not 100% on what i need to do yet.

I'd love the opportunity, I've improved so much (although i was better at human figures in college, i literally just stopped drawing them so i am super iffy with them now lel) and I've learned a lot through personal research.. Because i was working i missed a lot classes - perspective mostly, that's a really big blob of nothingness in my brain heh. Also, going back to college instead of going straight to uni will build up my portfolio a lot more, which is what I really need atm.. I feel like trying to make one myself with my current time would be a big no no. I could try i guess, but meh xD


thankyou for those that read and understand, i'm not sure many of you will. We'll see c: it's my fault for being distant so I'd understand. I still love you guys anyway, it's mostly because of this site and you guys that i still dream of doing art as a career, because i never really got the support from anyone else. All those views, comments and watchers are what make me carry on doodling and sketching. Without DA i think the whole artsy thing would have just dissolved over time. 

It'll be hard though, and i'm not sure how long it will take. Money is the issue right now and as soon as I have some to fall back on, like i've said, then i can focus on what i want to do rather than what i need at this point in time. Maybe i'll improve to the point where people may want to commission me, as an optional thing. XD 

I'll still post art here when i can, this doesn't mean i'm completely inactive c: 

soo yeah, i think i'm done. ^^ toodles~



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Trades: Closed unless i ask
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