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November 26, 2012
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Keres ref sheet. by Magickie Keres ref sheet. by Magickie
(Keres is pronounced like 'cherries'. but with the 'K' instead of the 'Ch', and is a Greek word meaning Death Spirit.)
Gender: Female.
Pelt colour: White.
Eye colour: Blue, white pupils. - pitch black
Species: Wolf / Spirit guardian.
Abilities (left): Communing with spirits, minor telekinesis, minor necromancy, slightly skilled in forbidden magicks.
Abilities: (Right): Necromancy, skilled in forbidden magicks.

Keres was given a second chance at life after being killed by the magic of an old, fearful witch. Instead of passing through the void, she entered the spirit realm and was granted human intelligence and the gift of magistry, on the condition that she use her power to protect pure souls from 'turning' and the manipulation of evil magic wielders. She was also forbidden to meddle with dark magistry, and most of all, necromancy.

Returning to the earth realm, she carried out her duties as instructed for many years, later dubbed as a 'Spirit guardian' by wielders of magic. She befriended the old witch that originally killed her, eventually, for she still held a grudge against the woman, but the witch taught her a lot about the more 'convenient' magics, such as moving objects, and talking with her mind. She also provided the excuse that Keres was her dog so that the regular people didn't feel the need to put an arrow through her head. She was still just an average wolf to most humans.

The 'Death Spirit' came about when Keres's curiosity got the better of her. She meddled with dark magicks for a while in secret, until she could no longer get the information she wanted from manuscripts and books. She wanted to know more, and so resorted to necromancy in order to interrogate a deceased shaman who was once known for his business in the dark arts and necromancy. The shaman, of course, wasn't going to give up his knowledge willingly, and proposed a deal with Keres; That she allow him to posses a body of his choosing, so that he may have a physical form again. Reluctantly, she agreed, and the deal was sealed with a drop of her blood.

The Shaman, having tricked Keres, possessed her body - She had no knowledge of human spirits possessing the bodies of animals. So hungry for knowledge, she lowered her guard completely. The shaman transformed into a deathly black vile and invaded her body directly through her eyes. The pact was thereon granted, as she would gain the knowledge she wanted, but begrudgingly in the form of the vile that now cursed her body.

When angered, or caught off guard, the vile would invade her senses and mind - blanking all emotion. Her eyes and paws released small amounts of eery, dark smoke as her eyes turned from blue to black, cracks resembling glass forming around them. The vile feasted on misfortune, and while taking control, would cause havoc and suffering wherever it could. Keres's body was like a shell in this state - the more power the vile used, the larger the cracks would form around her eyes. If it used to much, its shell would brake, killing it and its' host.
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